Copywriter needed? I write with ‘spitze Feder’!

A proper text is based on a variety of elements. sure, a text needs to be flawless, easy to read and tell your story in the exact right tone. But there’s more to it than it seems. It should secure information, call the reader to action, or even inspire! And then there’s the whole shebang around search engine optimisation, the right keywords, keyword density, different header types and other SEO terms. In short,  copywriting is a craft. My craft.

I’m Emma, copywriter with over ten years of experience. I work as a copywriter, translator, corrector and SEO specialist. I write professionally, with joy and above all, a ‘spitze Feder‘, a beautiful German expression for having a facile pen. I do not only support you with texts that are nice and easy to read, but also with business blogs, advertorials, press releases or newsletters. And do you own a website or webshop? Then I’d like to help you making your business or product more visible in the search results of Google & friends.

Can I tell your story?
Lovely! Take a look at my portfolio or services. Rather want to get on it quickly? Just contact me, so I can fill you in about all the possibilities. Thanks!

Een geluk bij een ongeluk

Mijn manager keek me meewarig aan en leek de woorden nauwelijks uit zijn strot te kunnen persen. “We hebben ernstige financiële problemen en moeten daarom al onze internationale markten sluiten. Helaas moeten we je laten gaan.”


Web texts

Writing is a craft, my craft. I write with joy and pleasure and this you’ll find in my work. My texts are always interesting, a pleasure to ready and on target, fitted to your goal audience and wishes.


Texts corrections

Spelling errors, type-o’s or grammatical errors: they are deadly for readability. I correct, give constructive feedback and take your text to a higher level.


With Dutch and English as a mother tongue, translating is my second nature. I translate texts and documents from German/English to Dutch, or Dutch texts to English.

Press releases

A press release can make or break your PR-campaign. That’s why you need to start with a good story, that attracts the attention of the right media. I’m happy to help.


Blogs and advertorials

Finding a connection with your target group to market an interesting business idea? That’s not a walk in the park. Let me find the right tone in a business blog post or advertorial.


Hardly any response and a low opening rate. Sounds familiar  There are plenty of boring newsletters out there, so let me create a compelling and properly converting newsletter for you. One that does interest your customer. 

Search engine optimisation.

A website or shop is only a succes if it’s properly visible in Google. Let me guide you through the wonderful world of search terms, algorythms, search volume, meta data and more.


Want to know more about the possibilities  Or what I can do for you? Would you like to receive a price quote without any strings attached? Just contact me! I’ll try to get back to you within a day.

Are you looking for quick and easy writing?

Please fill out my contact form with your name, phone number or e-mailaddress and a short description of what you need. I strive to contact you within a day.

Een vriend van mij vroeg me of ik hem iemand kon aanbevelen, toen hij een extra paar handen nodig had om een veelbelovend nieuw boek te promoten. Hij volgde mijn advies en huurde Emma Wijninga in. Niet alleen pakte ze de klus met beide handen aan, maar zette ze ook haar brein, humor en charme in. De samenwerking leidde tot een bijzonder effectieve mediacampagne en geweldige salescijfers.

Heb je een PR consultant nodig in Nederland? Denk dan aan Emma!

Pierre Spaninks, ZZP-expert

I like many things about Emma, but mostly her straightforwardness, her passion for online marketing (especially content and social media), her dedication to learn new things and how she integrates these new learnings into her daily tasks. She never stops thinking about how to improve stuff and the results are showing.
Emma is very passionate to deliver the best results and has a broad knowledge in different online marketing areas, such as content and marketing, which have been key for developing her SEO skills.

Michael Schramm

Emma is as creative as she is stubborn, in a good way. She really knows what works well and how to achieve the goals set. She worked with me on several client cases and all went well. On a personal level, she also is extremely inspiring, well listening and handing out advice that works. On a business level, she knows about results: how to get there and what route to take.  She’s in the middle of a new generation of people. People that think, act and reflect differently. Never on the same place, never a dull moment. She’s a blast!

Kees Romkes

In January 2011, Kaat Mossel Events organised the ‘Mama Meets‘ event, in Meeting Plaza in Maarssen, the Netherlands. Emma supported me with a range of media outlets and texts on the website. For the following business event ‘Korte Metten‘, she wrote a very succesful press release. Emma was closely involved at both events and during these events, she turned out to be a pleasant sparring partner, with oversight and insight.

Jessica de Kok – Kaat Mossel events

Emma works fast, quick and thinks things through. She is, as you would expect, quite clear in her communication. I highly recommend Emma for writing your texts or handling your SEO.

Alexander Wijninga, CEO Watermelon

It is always a great pleasure to work with Emma. She approaches her work from a very holistic point of view and sees her projects as part of the bigger picture of a company. I trust her advice, which is thought-through, just like her texts are. She is honest and open, and a great personality on top of that. I can highly recommend hiring Emma, for (online) Marketing, Communication and PR projects.

Anne Pleun van Eijsden, On the Rocks