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According to a lot of marketeers search engine optimisation (SEO) is dead. Yep, it’s over, proven useless and never worked. Right? They couldn’t be more wrong. If done properly, SEO is one of the most rewarding ways to promote a website or company. Yet very little marketeers know how SEO really works. So how does it work? I’m here to help.

SEO is a very particular area of expertise, which I learned a lot about in the past years. I too, was a marketeer who thought I could do without SEO and that it was a cheap way of tricking search engines into liking my websites. I could not be more wrong! SEO is not about tricks, or stuffing keywords, it’s about measuring results, adjusting your site to your visitor/customer and making sure it provides the best information they want or need. This is why I dedicate a big part of my time to help you with your website and its SEO.

I’m available for SEO analysis and provide all kinds of tips and advice. I can also provide a proper strategy, keyword research or support you with SEO-support.

Every company that owns a webshop or website, needs to know the succes is made or broken by the amount and nature of the web traffic. Because what would you do if you need to attract all site visitors via oral marketing or social media? Yet I’m always surprised how little companies are aware of the technical performance of their websites. The website was finished, right? Why would you invest any extra time in it?

Why would you need a SEO specialist?

Even if your website is just a business card, it remains very important to be found quick and easy.

With over 95% of all search engine traffic, Google is the largest search engine out there, so they lay down all the rules. Indirectly, they are a key element in the succes of your company! This is why your website needs to live up to Google’s standards, in order to be found in the search engine. These rules and standards are also known as ‘ranking factors’. Why? Google’s valuation of your website, determines on which positions on Google your website will rank, per search term. Do you have a high quality or popular website? Then it’s likely your website will rank relatively high on a particular set of search terms. Immers, Google’s beoordeling van jouw website bepaalt op welke positie jouw website rankt per zoekterm. But does your competitor do a better job? Then you’ll lose the battle of the keywords and your position in Google. Competition is not just about customers in real life, it’s also about the traffic in search engines!

This is why it’s important to let a SEO specialist check your website. When I start a SEO analysis, I evaluate your website on a particular set of factors and give you an extensive advice about it afterwards. Is there any room for improvement? Then we decide on a proper next step, based on what would help you the most. Do you just need a keyword research to get started? Or would a SEO strategy be a better option? Can you do all the SEO improvements yourself? Or are you looking for a specialist to work on it and bring it forward? The main focus is to improve the quality of your website for both visitors and search engines.

Competing with the top

Next to SEO analysis, I’m also a copywriter. That’s why it’s essential for me to understand how Google “looks” at and “reads” websites. The algorithm of a search engine is incredibly complex and very hard (neigh impossible) to figure out, because Google likes to keep it a secret. That’s why I find it very funny, when a customer contact’s me and says: “Emma, we need to be on the number one position in Google within two months“. That sounds fantastic but it’s highly unrealistic. SEO is not a simple band-aid, but a long term investment in the quality of your website and company. That’s why there are, next to ‘rank high’ other goals, that are a lot easier to achieve and definitely more realistic. Whether your need your website to improve in search results, convert better or be found at all; the way you reach your goals is by using the right SEO strategy.

My experience as a SEO specialist

I started my specialisation in 2013, after I moved to Berlin. I already had a lot of experience as a copywriter, marketeer and communication expert, but didn’t know a single thing about SEO. It started to get more and more important and I began to understand it was a missing piece in my experience. I made a massive catch up in Berlin and learned everything there’s to know about SEO strategy, meta data, technical optimisation and more, in a very high pace. Next to that, I learned how to recognise new SEO developments from data and which tools to use.

Because SEO and copywriting are highly connected and can’t be seen separately, I decided to offer both these services at Spitzenfeder.

My services as a SEO specialist

Well, if you can’t let me rank on position 1 tomorrow, what is it that you CAN do for me?

Writing SEO copy – Let me produce the texts for your website or webshop. I’ll make sure you receive correct texts that are nice to read, fully optimised with the right requirements for search engines. I also rewrite and optimise excisting texts and adjust them to modern SEO criteria.
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Domain analysis – SEO is not something you start with on a lazy Friday afternoon. Many people have no clue where they should start, start in a random order and make a lot of changes on their websites, doing more damage than they know. This is why it’s very important to get a good idea of the actual shape and state of your website/webshop, to understand what goes right, what might be a problem and what your opportunities are.
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Keyword research – What subjects should you write about to give your website a good shot in search engines? How can you combine this with the texts that are interesting to your customers? A very important part of SEO is a proper keyword research.
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SEO strategy – Have you done the domain analysis, and is it clear there’s a lot of work to be done? Time to let me create a proper SEO strategy for you! I focus on all the goals you have for your company and website and create a clear SEO roadmap. With this roadmap you have a distinctive strategy for the upcoming 12 months, which will help you to improve your website, and in long term, the search traffic on your website.
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SEO complete – Do you want an analysis of your website, a keyword research and get started with a strong SEO strategy? Do you need texts as well? Or do you want someone to check your meta data, page speed or mobile website for SEO purposes? Great! With the SEO complete package, you get the full SEO offer for fixed price.
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SEO supportDo you need someone to talk to about SEO? Do you need an extra pair of eyes while handling all the optimisations on your website? I’m more than happy to support you with SEO support. For a fixed price per year, you get two hours per month for all your questions. Each month, we talk about the progress of your work, website, SEO goals and conversion. We take a look at Google Analytics and other SEO tools, talk about the latest Google updates and the consequences for your business. As your sparring partner, I help to lift your website to a next level and reach your goals.
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Questions? Or want to know more about the possibilities? Contact me.